New Mexico

We hoped to get as close to the border as we could.  As we drove on the Texas heat started to fade away and we came to the reality that although we ran away from winter didn’t mean it was gone.  The more north we drove the chillier it got.  We couldn’t have been luckier to find our camping spot for the night.  On Free Camp Sites website I saw there was a free RV park with hookups in Littlefield, Texas.  The Waylon Jennings RV park is a little Oasis before you leave.  A donation by the city in memory of Waylon Jennings offers a week free of camping with full hookups and then after that just ask for a suggested donation.  Being that we are huge country music fans we were excited about so many reasons.  We didn’t have time the next morning to stop to see the Waylon museum but don’t think we didn’t stop for some photos and to pay our respects.  
We crossed over to New Mexico very soon after leaving Littlefield, that’s how close to the boarder it is.  We knew we wanted to head to the Santa Fe area and had some ideas on what we could see but nothing was set in stone yet.  
We got in just before evening and took the camper into town.  The small and narrow streets of downtown Santa Fe are not caper friendly so I would recommend unhitching but Santa Fe its self-was very friendly.  We made friends with store owners and they let us and Hank come in to check out their wears.  We had a found a Harvest Host spot for the night an Alpaca Farm called _____ just a few miles outside of Santa Fe.  The owner an amazing older man showed us around the farm and told us if we wanted to check out Santa Fe that we were free to unhitch the next day and stay one more night.   That was a lovely surprise and made our exploring so much easier.  The next morning we set off early camperless and free to drive those crazy roads around the Southwest.  We decided to take the high road to Taos and then hit the Low road on the way back.  A crisp but sunny morning made for the perfect day of exploring old churches, Hotsprings, and small towns along the road.  Google maps not always a friend to travelers set us on a rocky road but then the defeat of not being able to cross lead us to an amazing hot springs at the bottom of the hill.  There we found some folks already enjoying the hot springs.  A young couple with a dog just like us.  And as we started to talk to them we found out we had so much more in common.  They like us had sold everything they own and packed up their dog in a van to explore.  Foxy the van is their name so look them up and say hello.  

There is always to much to see and never enough time. Especially in our jaunt across the west to our new job in Northern California.  We had to make some deep cuts to our must see if the list.  And serious FOMO was inventing us both haha.
A must see for anyway coming to Santa Fe though is Meow Wolf.  We had heard stories about this tripped out paradise and we had to see what the hubbub was about.  
We had a stressful afternoon so this place is just what we needed to take us out of our heads.
Ok, how do I describe Meow Wolf.  Here is what I know (some of this is subject to word of mouth so…) What I heard is that one of the guys who started the show Game of Thrones bought this huge building and gave it to an art collective and said you have a lease for 10 years do what you want with it.  So a group of artist got together and built this tripped out paradise.  You walk in to what seems like a hip museum.  Then you go in through a door and are transported to a house.  With a kitchen and bedrooms and normal everyday stuff. But behind ever door even the fridge you are transported to a different dimension.  Take a look at our Facebook here for a view.   This place is amazing for all ages and is worth every penny.

As we headed back to the Alpaca farm we came across this guy we had seen riding horseback around Santa Fe.  We had to stop and get the load down of this man of mystery.  
On a beautiful horse sat this bearded man and two amazing little pups off leash just trailing behind.  And here is the skinny.  His name John Wayne, for real.  Originally from Michigan, one year he got on his horse and rode it all the way to Santa Fe and settled some roots in New Mexico. And every year he does an annual ride with his furry little friends to commemorate his journey.  We felt so very lucky to have caught him on this day, on his annual ride.  

You might say no way did all this happen in little old Santa Fe but I think it’s a great snippet of what this Southwest town has to offer.  Great food, amazing history and some crazy tripped out arty folks that make everything alright.

Short but sweet was our time in New Mexico but magical it was for sure.
We left early the next morning for Mexican Hat Utah pumped to see what the rest of the West had for us.