Zion National Park, Utah

We had been gifted an Annual National Park Pass and wanted to take advantage of it every chance we got.  Sion was about 4-5 hours away and we heard it was clear of snow so we wanted to try our best to see as much of it as we could.  We needed to be in California soon but we could at least spend the day there.  We made it there mid morning, it was sunny but not too hot or cold.  National Parks do not allow animals which is very sad but they Zion does have a small area you can hike with them next to the parking area.  So after Hank got a good sniff of the land and stretched his legs we prepared the camper for his daily nap and headed to find something that was hideable for us.  We are not hikers at all.  Although I love yoga I have the endurance of a snail and Jerimiah has years of skateboard injuries that makes his knees sore and achy.  We did our best to find a trail that was up to our level.  We picked Hidden Canyon.  

I admit I was the worst hiker ever.  I complained the whole time, asking every hiker if it was worth it.  Is the view that great? Is it any different then where I currently was standing?

There was narrow passages, chains to hold has you climb sandy "walk ways".  Jerimiah supported me and said if I wanted to quit we could.  I was to stubborn to give up.  There was a women with a new born baby hiking by us.  If I gave up and she continued I would hate myself.  Every stranger was so supportive.  "You can do it, just a little bit further".  " The view is amazing, you need to keep going".  

Looking back at the photos now I start tearing up.  I am so glad we didn't quit.  I am so glad we hiked to the top and did it together.  There was no "end" the trail kept going and going but once we got to the top we felt fairly satisfied we had seen everything we could. 

We got down the trail in the nick of time.  Storm clouds loomed around the Mountains and the top was nowhere we wanted to be.

Now, this next part we could have planned a little more.  We were in Zion and we wanted desperately to get to Vegas.  We wanted to be in California as quickly as we could be.  

We had found a campsite that was free and set our sites on that. Well, to make a long story short we somehow got lost on a Mountain outside of Vegas and drove straight into a snowstorm on said mountain.  Pitch black on a mountain in a snowstorm at midnight after driving is nowhere you want to be.  Thankfully Jerimiah is an amazing driver and got us off that Mountian without any problems.  We found a Walmart parking lot and made camp for the night.