Fresno, California

We made our way into California with ease.  We had a goal of the coast, to the place where Jerimiah grew up.  We had just enough time to get the hometown tour before we had to be at our new jobs in Northern California.  

California however is very large and takes such a long time to get to the coast.  We were so lucky to have a friend along the way.  With a shower, hot food and cold beer. 

We met our buddy Jim through his son.  A Vagabond who had made his way to Chicago on a Sportster Motorcycle.  Jermiah and I had many years of riding next to Jim, Partying with Jim and Hosting him at our Chicago Apartment.  A Friend who had become family quickly over the years.

The trip was quick but we got all the essentials in. The next day we woke early and haded for Pacific Grove the Home of my love Jerimiah.