Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe bend and Powell Lake - Arizona

When you venture to the West it's not often you're super close to other attractions you want to see without driving 5 plus hours, so when you are you have to take full advantage.  Mexican Hat, UT is only about 2.5 hours from Antelope Canyon so we dipped down into the North part of Arizona to check it out.  We did very little research so we were a little bummed when we pulled into the Upper part of the canyon and realized it was too expensive for our budget.  But apparently there is a North tour and a Lower tour of the canyon and the South tour was in our budget only costing $25/person.  You have to take guided tours now because the canyon can flood very quickly without warning and had injured a tourist in the past.  I didn't mind getting a tour though it helped to know what we were looking at.  It was breathtaking to be emersed in the earth, to see how millions of years had formed around us.  We learned the history, the heritage of the culture and the people who once had free range of the canyons.  We highly recommend checking it out.

While in Arizona we decided to drive about 11 miles to the West to see Horseshoe Bend.  A small meander of the Colorado river is the most epic natural beauty I have ever seen.  I had never had nature made me feel so small.  You park and walk just over a mile to see this emerald river curver around sandstone.  The colors and the feel you experience here are like no other.  No photo could ever capture how it makes you feel.

It was still a Chilly spring up North and we heard we might run into snow and we had little to no cell reception to look up the weather. We thought it best to stay the night by Powell Lake.  We found a state campground at Lone Rock and made camp for the night.  Surprisingly there were quite a few campers and we, of course, made the craziest campground friend, even hank made a puppy buddy for the night.  We spent the night keeping dry under our neighbor awning in exchange for the warmth of his rig we brought out our record player for some entertainment.  We spent the night listening to tunes and sharing travel stories till it was time to rest for the next day's adventure.