Spicewood, Texas

Leaving Louisiana was harder than we thought it would be.

We had fallen for that Cajun life and would have loved for the time to explore more.  We however had a date with Willie.  That is right we had tickets to see good ol’ Willie Nelson for Jerimiahs birthday and that was not something we wanted to miss.

 We had arranged to stay with our friends Dan and Felice outside of Austin in Spicewood, Texas out there in the hill country.  So we had a drive ahead of us.

We crossed the border into Texas on 10 and pulled into the first rest area we saw.  It was time to stretch and find a restroom.  Also for us camper folk you have one more item on that check list.  Open the camper and make sure everything is as it should be.  This time as I opened the door I knew nothing was where it should be.  It was a freaking yard sale.  The bottom of the cabinet above our dinette had busted out and everything that lived there was well everywhere. 

There was no way I could pick it all up and pretend it was fine by the time Jerimiah got back.  As I saw him approach I tried to ease him into what had happened.  And after a few choice words we just laughed to started to pick up and repair the mess.  For its as our friend D’Wayne says ‘After I pitch a fit, I still have to fix the shit’.  No use to getting upset cause when you’re on the road you just really don’t have time for it. 

We had found a Harvest Host spot on a vineyard as close as we could get to Spicewood and got in just as night fell on the Texas sky.  We knew when we arrived at the vineyard there was a wedding doing on so we found a spot far from the house and set up to have a beer and listen to the music from the party.  It was pitch black and we couldn’t see what we were parked next to but we could should hear it.  Our neighbors were a talkative bunch and Hank wasn’t having it.

Although we couldn’t see it we knew we had parked next to the Texas Cattle Ranch and by the sounds of it they were right on top of us.

The next morning even though the night had broken we still couldn’t see a thing.  The fog was so thick it looked like the set of a scary movie.  We could still hear our friends next door but it was hours till we could see them or see well enough to drive on out of there.

We were just a couple hours from Spicewood and luck for us the traffic around Austin was nothing to worry about.  We got in early afternoon to our friend’s ranch.  As we drove down the road to their house I could see their adorable little ones jumping up and down excited to see us. 

We found a lovely little piece of land on the back of their property for the Frolic and got out to meet all that lived there.  Not only did we have to adorable littles Fiona and Calvin but we had Two donkies Themal and Louise, Two pups, two kittens, two goats and a handful of chickens.

Hank couldn’t have been more excited.  The property was all fenced in so we let him out to explore.  We hadn’t ever seen him so happy, ears flopping in the wind as he ran with free range to just go anywhere. Dan and Felice are old friends and it was so nice to be able to spend some time with them again. And we are forever thankful for them and their kindness of opening their home to us.The next month went by so fast. 

I had found some work on a food truck in Austin for SXSW.  Just another wonderfully odd job to add to our ever growing list.  I had worked in the food industry for years but never on a food truck so I was excited.  DFG Noodles (Damn Fin Good) and that they were.  The owner was so impressive with her amazing food and running her own business.  If you are in Austin find them downtown or at any fest you will be so very happy you did.  Jerimiah had started to work with Dan in his Motorcycle shop and was in heaven.  Not only did he get to be around bikes all day but spend time with a friend he hadn’t seen in years.  They now have a store front in Spicewood so check them out here at DC-Choppers.

We fell hard for Hill Country.  Not only is it beautiful but the people are so kind.  It was a place we put in our top three places we would like to call home.  We took many drives to Luckenbach. Texas.  A small Texas town famous for its country hit had our hearts even before we got there.  So small we almost missed it, in fact we drove right past it first time there.  But every time we went it didn’t seem that small.  The characters that gather there, the music that is played there are all bigger than life its self. 

We took full advantage of our part time Spicewood residence and got to go to Willie’s house for Easter, only something locals get to do.  We went to Poodies (willie’s old managers bar) on the regular.  We enjoyed the swimming holes the hiking the winding roads, we loved it all.We were very close to Austin and some amazing friends we hadn’t seen in a long long time.

As I write about it now I miss it so very much, I miss those people so very much.I miss hearing the kids laugh as we ran and let Hank chase us, I miss having wine with Felice on your beautiful porch and cooking with her.  I miss giving Dan tons of hugs I know he hates.  I miss Austin and all honky tonks.  I miss uncle Jill, Patrick and his amazing family, I miss Little Darlin and every amazing person that became our fast group of friends.

We stayed in Spicewood throughout March and when April came we knew had to push on.  We got an amazing offer from our friends in Austin to stay on their property and help them open a new bar in South Austin. 


We packed up the Frolic and although not far we headed into Austin for a couple more weeks of that Texan life.  Again we are so very thankful for Felice and Dan, Fiona and Calivn.  We hope to one day offer you the same kindness you all offered us, we miss you guys so very very much.