Maggie Valley,North Carolina

One of the craziest cosmic connections one can have I think is being in the middle of nowhere or somewhere you haven't been before and running into someone you know.  How in this big overpopulated planet of ours, you can cross paths is something almost magical.  It always brings a smile to your face with an electrifying excitement.  

When we took off from Asheville early in the morning we had no idea what the day held.  Hell, we didn't even know where we were sleeping that night.  We knew there was a place called Maggie Valley about 40 minutes east of Asheville and there was a Motorcycle museum called Wheels through time that we hadn't ever been to.  So after we hitched up and Dewayne helped us get the Frolic fixed up we headed out.  I drove the Frolic and Jerimiah and Maniac rode the bikes out of Asheville and on some beautiful back roads through the North Carolina hills. I have to say it really felt great to get behind the wheel and get my confidence back driving our home around.  We rolled into Maggie Valley and found a small RV park that wasn't too expensive for us to camp for the night.  After the Frolic was parked I hopped on the bikes with the guys and we rode over to Wheels Through Time.  Once we pulled in we saw the familiar colors of the Wall of Death silo.  We all started to laugh with excitement.  For those who haven't heard of the Wall of death let me share with you a piece of history.  The WOD is one of the last remaining sideshow acts in America.  Featured in 30 ft wide silo men and women race around the silo challenging gravity on motorbikes and go carts, crazy to think that this death defining act has been traveling the country since the early 1900's.  We are lucky enough to know some of the current performers and to have witnessed this show more than a couple times.  We were not only excited to see this thrill seeking show we love so much but to run into some friends in this small little mountain town.  

The day was gloomy and the clouds hung low over the mountains making the day annoyingly wet.  We ran to the silo to see our friends and find out how long they would be in the area.  We soon found out we all were headed to Birmingham, Alabama in the next week for the Barbers motorcycle show and had about a week to waste after their next WOD show.  

After our hi's and hellos, we ran into the museum for a tour before the next showing.  

I would have to say Wheels through time had one of the largest collections of rare and one-off bikes and automobiles I have ever seen.  The owner Dale has collected Over the years some amazing pieces and tells the story of each piece so well.  It's hard to not want to walk through a couple times to make sure you have seen everything they have.  The museum is always packed from what I could tell and we felt at home with all the fellow travelers the museum seemed to attract. 

Later that day after the final show we got to talking with the Wall riders about what it took to tear down the Wall and it seemed they needed a few extra hands for the breakdown and even the set up once we all got to Alabama. Talking with Dale from Wheels Through time he offered us a place to set the Frolic next to the museum so we could help break down the Wall.  

We can't express how amazing it was to be able to handle a part of history like the Wall of Death.  The side shows life is one for gypsies and travelers who seem to be our people now.  To see a glimpse into the life of the of one of the American side shows was quite and honor.  To be able to take apart this silo where they race with gravity piece by piece was amazing.  To see all the hard work it takes to build up the sides and how each part fits like a puzzle and how each member of the show is responsible for building this together.  Building trust of not only a strong team but for their life on the road together. 

The rain in Maggie Valley was building strength leaving us small intervals of peace to break down the wall.  We camped out and cooked under the shelter outside the museum sharing stories of travel and life on the road.  When it came time to leave it took a team to get the Frolic out of the mud, the rain and washed out the ground beneath us and with a little help from we got the Frolic pulled out and ready to hit the road.  We had planned to caravan with Mikey and Rita from the Wall making our way to Birmingham where we would set up the Wall once more and where we planned to set up for a few months and pick up work and check out the city for ourselves.