The Blue Ridge Parkway

We left Charlottesville early in the morning hoping to catch the sunrise off the blue ridge parkway. We were parked about 20 miles away from the point where the Shenandoah national park meets the Blueridge.  We had already explored the Shenandoah National Park so blue ridge highway was next on the list and from what we could see we could take it all the way down to North Carolina which was our next destination. 

The fog was thick that morning and the sun bounced off the moisture making our drive even more slow and peaceful. We drove for an hour or two and then picked one of the few exits the parkway has to stop for gas.  We rolled over to a straight up country general store with two gas pumps and an amazing country kitchen.  We had hit the breakfast rush full of old mountain men and old ladies who came to drink their coffee and take in the morning gossip. We fueled ourselves and the van up and headed back to the parkway.  It was beyond a beautiful drive and Jerimiah was itching to take some photos.  So when we got to a famous strip around the mountain he asked that I take over driving so he could get a photo of the camper coming around the bend.  I was nervous as could be and needed a moment to psych myself up.  He got out and skated to a spot to get the shot framed up and I got behind the wheel and headed up the mountain.  I was shaking, I had lost my confidence driving the camper and the ridge was much larger to me in my mind.  After a couple laps back and forth though I started feeling a little better.  On the last lap around I slowed down enough for jerimiah to get in and was shouting at him to hurry.  He got grumpy at me and when I went to give him my dagger look I saw he was tore up.  He had gotten speed wobbles skating down the mountain and dove to save his camera and ending up tearing himself up real good. When I asked him what happened he said once he hit the pavement he slid 15ft on his stomach.  

When we got to a park store to grab some postcards so old ladies pointed at Jerimiah and started laughing.  They said " didn't we just see you on the parkway? " They were cracking themselves up teasing him.  "We sure thought we would see some wildlife but we didn't expect to see a bearded man skating down the parkway". 

We have come to realize life in the Frolic is more leisurely.  Driving a 1972 camper you have to realize the speed limit back then was way lower and the Frolic just can't do that fast.  We knew we weren't going to make it to North Carolina so we found a Harvest Host winery not far off the parkway in Virginia. 

We got in right before dusk and I was certainly happy to see they were still selling wine.  We parked the camper and headed to the shop to meet the owners and their amazing Bulldog mascot.  We sat on the veranda and sipped wine with our Furry bulldog host as the sun went down.  
We woke super early the next morning to get back on the parkway and head to Asheville North Carolina. The fog was thick when we woke up the next morning so we had to wait a hour or two for the sun to come up and the fog to dissipate. 

We had gotten instructions on how to get back on the parkway and some fun things to see along the way. We weren't far from the North Carolina border and had heard about a little town off the parkway called little Switzerland.  We found it on the map and decided to be adventurous and check it out. Huge mistake! The town was a couple shops and no parking since it was on the steepest hill imaginable.  We were pretty much trapped in the gnarliest road we could be on towing a trailer.  I have to tell you I fell even more in love with Jerimiah that day as he drove the hairpin turns so effortlessly.  We passed motorcycles that had driven off the cliff and could smell our brakes a burning.  But he remained cool and focused and got us down the mountain.  When we got to a place to pull over, we did.  Our brakes needed to cool down otherwise we were gonna be in trouble.  It was a beautiful day and as we walked around the area we saw a church with a basketball court and lucky for us Jerimiah had just bought a basketball.  We played a serious game of horse and laughed about that ridiculous road we were just on.  I love when people suggest things for us to check out but I think sometimes people forget what we are towing and how that effect things.  
We got back on the road and decided to stay off the parkway.  Back to two-lanes highways, our safe place.  We were not gonna make it to Asheville but we were gonna be close.  We found our office space or as you call it McDonalds and settled up for some free wifi and found an RV spot with one of our passport America membership. 
Asheville was just over the mountain and we had talked with a friend of a friend D'Wayne who said we could post up at his shop.  
We settled into a pretty chill RV park with free wifi and called it a night.