Asheville North Carolina

We had left the Blue Ridge Parkway and made it to a campground just East of Asheville.  The day before we got in contact with DeWayne from A Broken Spoke and he had offered us a place to stay at his Motorcycle shop, and although we had never met he came highly recommended by some mutual friends.  We had heard great things of Asheville but knew little about the town and at this point we still had no internet or working iphone without the help from wifi.  We got out the trac phone and called DeWayne the next morning, we drove over the Mountain to see what Asheville had in store for us.  We were greeted with the warmest Southern greeting from DeWayne and all the Broken Spoke crew.  We found a great spot behind the shop to set up the Folic.  When you travel as much as we do and live this life you are grateful for a place to crash for the night and grateful for the hospitality.  Sometimes the simplest things like electricity or a bathroom become a luxury.  It seems silly but it's nice to learn to appreciate these things in life, to learn a bit of graititude you may have lost in your everyday life before.

The Asheville boys made sure we saw their city.  In Asheville like a lot of other Southern towns, bars are called Private Clubs and you need to be a resident of the city or a guest of a resident to enter.  Some you have to pay a small fee to get a membership card to enter but with all the ones I went to we had to have the guys sign us in.  It seems a little outdated and for me  and I couldn't understand how the rule works with tourist but I guess it helps to know someone if you plan to go out.  The bars though are pretty rad. We always found good music, friendly people and by the second night we were becoming friends with all the locals.  Like any small city you seem to run into each other a lot if you make the rounds.  We had only planned to stay a couple days and wanted to maybe see a little more of North Carolina but as most plans they change.  We got offered a little work and when someone offers you work when your on the road you take it.

Jerimiah got to work with DeWayne getting some bikes up and running, I found some vintage gems and got them up on , our vintage shop, and got them up to sell.  Then we both did some Landscaping for my Cousin Gene.  Gene owns an amazing Bed and Breakfast outside of Asheville called Acorn B&B which is right next to the Sierra Nevada Brewery, which if you have a chance check it out.  The Sierra Nevada like many other breweries are finding a home on the Eastcoast and the home SN has built is by far one of the friendliest and most beautiful breweries I have ever seen. 

Our two day trip to Asheville was getting extended but we didn't care we were having a blast.  We were getting a feel for the town.  If we lived here could we find work, could we find a house?  Did we like the people?  It was all seeming like this wild little city was getting added to our list.  

We got the bike out and rode around the city exploring the backroads and small towns, found the flea markets.  We met some amazing people and it looked if we wanted to look for a house we could find something to rent maybe even cheaper then our Chicago apartment.  

We rarely can afford to do many tourist activities but my family used to work at the Biltmore Estates and we were given some free passes.  We rode the bikes out early in the day with our friend Maniac and I am so glad we took the bikes and not the van. The property from the very first entrance is immaculately beautiful.  Americas largest home was built by the Vanderbilt family in the late 1800's. It is adorned with beautiful gardens, a winery and even a small farm. 

We decided we would stay through the week and leave after the Hillbilly Hootenanny car show which was at the A Broken Spoke lot. The car show was an all day event with bands, cars and great food and friends.  It was going to be hard to say goodbye to Asheville we were really getting a feel for the city and had started to settle in but we needed to make it to Alabama by the second week in October and by this time we were well into September.  DeWayne helped us make a few adjustments to the Folic and we said our goodbyes to MaMa, Sissy and the boys.  We love you Asheville and just know you are on the list of places we would love to live whenever this crazy journey of ours ends.