Saying Goodbye to Texas

Leaving Texas takes forever.  To decide your path away from Austin you need to think about what you want to see and how long you have.  
We had been offered a job in Northern California and had just about two weeks to see as much as the Southwest before we needed to start work. We made a list of the things we could see the people and places we could stay at and look at our map.  Before we left Austin we met an amazing florist.  Not your average florist, fully tattooed bearded man who can create such beauty with just a few items in nature was our biggest help.  He sat us down with a map and drew out a great path for us, a route he took with his family many times.
We would go out through Lubbock and then hit Northern New Mexico, Utah, Arizona a lil Nevada and then to California.  
Serious FOMO set in, so much and so many things to miss.  But like we knew from being on the road so long we can always come back, we can always return.  
The day we left Austin was warm and beautiful.  Everyone was still sleepy from the Little Darlin opening the night before.  And we were still on a high from such an amazing night.  We were able to work helping them with opening night and that meant we had a little money to get us to the next spot and we were able to spend our last night surrounded with amazing new friends we were very sad to leave.