Mexican Hat, Utah

Heading West we were soon finding out Winter hadn't shed itself just yet. We were totally spoiled being snow birds for the winter and had a harsh reality as we hit those desert winds.  The drive to Mexican hat was barren and depressing mixed with striking beauty.  We would be in the middle of nowhere when we would look over and see the most beautiful pack of wild horses.  The trip is about 340 miles from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Mexican Hat, Utah.  In a car that is 5 hours but with a trailer its about 6-7 hours.  We made some stops at some antique shops to stretch our legs and found some sweet lil gems.  We got into Mexican Hat just as dusk was hitting.  We had a found and off the grid spot in Valley of the Gods and wanted to get set up before it got to dark.  We had to have a quick beer first at the Swinging Steak, one of the only restaurants for miles and places Jerimiah had stayed at years back on a bike trip across the country.  As we pulled into Valley of the Gods I couldn't have been more nervous and excited.  Like many off-grid places, it is free, barren and you have to be so many feet from the road.  So we took the Frolic deep into the desert and found a spot that seemed just perfect for us.  The colors of the desert never impressed me to know.  The dusk sun had played so many blues and reds all around us.  We walked around and around and there was no one in site.  After dinner, we got bundled up outside to drink a couple beers and look at more stars than I had ever seen.  
We all were getting a little cold so we cuddled up in the Frolic to go to sleep.  Right as we were sound asleep Hank did his job as a guard dog.  His low growl woke us up and we all sat up listening to the footsteps outside the camper.  What could it be?  We were the only ones out there, or we thought.  Jermiah and Hank did some investigating but in the pitch, black nothing was to be seen and still is a mystery to us now. 
The next morning we woke up and made some breakfast and I got out my yoga mat.  As I stretched and inhaled that cold desert air that was so pure I felt alive.  It was so beautiful and so quiet it was deafening.  I had never been somewhere so quiet.  
We hadn't unhitched so packing up went pretty quick. We decided to take the other way out since we saw The Valley of the Gods road made a horseshoe and got us back to the road.  However what we didn't see were the crazy gravel turns and dips it made.  But once again Jerimiah proved to me he can drive the crap out of that Van and Camper.  He zipped around the curves with no fear and soon we were on the road headed to Antelope Canyon in Arizona.