Austin, Texas

Before we came into the city I got a little Texas surprise.  My friend Poala and her guy and our favorite Uncle Jill Becker came to do a little camping with us outside of Spicewood.  Travis lake has some amazing spots to camp at and even though it was rainy and we couldn't swim we had a great time in front of the campfire chatting away the night.  Even cozyed up in the camper to watch a movie when the rain hit. 

After that we headed into the city.  We had been offered a great spot from our friends Mimi and Brian by their new bar Little Darlin.  We offered our hands to help them build out their new restaurant bar for a place to park the Frolic.  

We spent the next week or so staining chairs and building horse shoe pits and helping anyway we could.  Benefit we were able to hang with some of our Texas nearest and dearest and enjoy a little bit more of the city.

I had a great friend Patrick from Chicago I wanted to see.  He has the sweetest little family and I was very excited to spend some time with them.  We had a nice little Texas family that grew a little every day.  Whether it were a afternoon at the Yellow jacket with or a night at some honky tonks drinking cheap beer and making friends with old timers.

But as many things with this trip we have to leave for the next opportunity.  Jerimiahs sister had found some work for us in Norther California and it was to good to pass up.  So after Little Darlin was to open we were gonna hit the road for the West.

The next few days we spent planning out journey out West and just what we could see and helping get this new place up and running for our friends.

We were so honored to be asked to help out opening night of Little Darlin and man I have to say it was good to be behind a bar again.  And I will say having some work before we left was just what we needed.  

I couldn't have asked for a better Texas send off then to be surrounded by such amazing people.

We miss you dearly Texas and we will be back to see you real soon.

For all who check out Austin please check out our friends at Little Darlin, and tell them Stef and jermiah sent ya.