Portsmouth and Richmond Virginia.

Leaving Maryland, we did a much better job avoiding major cities.  We wanted nothing to do with D.C., we had heard so many horror stories about driving with a trailer around goverment buildings, and that was enough to make us want to get on our way.  We were in Virginia very quickly. I was back to my atlas, guiding us on two-lane highways.  We weren't going to make it to Portsmouth so we found a Passport America RV site in a small town.  It was dark when we got there and I am kind of thankful for that.  We avoid RV parks for a reason and this again made us comfortable with our decision.  Within minutes of our arrival, we had been insulted by the owner, seen domestic violence and been greeted by the intoxicated yet friendly full timers.  We were glad one night was all we needed.  The next morning we headed towards Portsmouth.  We had arranged to stay with friends and had decided to stay for longer than we had stayed anywhere.  Our friend was in the service and would be leaving soon so we wanted to make sure we spent time with him.  We also needed to find a little more work and regroup before we started to head West.  I can not thank our friend Jeff enough for his generosity to let us set up the Frolic on his side yard.  
It was a great couple of weeks.  We got a bunch done but didn't have to rush to do it.  
We spent time in Virgina Beach where we swam in the warmest ocean I have ever been in.  We saw a Bruce Springsteen impersonator and Jerimiah harassed kids on the boardwalk to not skate mongo. 

We hunted for more treasures for our Vintage store American Frolic Treasures.  We were able to pick up work, Jerimiah at a great place Cogan's and both of us did a small construction project. Big thank you go out to Sharron at Cogan's and Rosie and Donald for the opportunity to work. 

We were also able to explore we took mini rides around on the bike and one big ride to Richmond with all our new and old friends. The ride to Richmond was amazing.  The weather was perfect and it was a couple hours away.  We spent the weekend camping and hanging around wading in the river and it was perfect.  I wish we would have had more time to explore Richmond but who knows maybe we can go back some day. 

Our time in Portsmouth went fast and when it came time to leave it was a hard goodbye.  Again we can't thank Jeff and Jay enough go for their hospitality.  And forever grateful for Ms.  Lara Smith and her gift of our American Frolic print. 

We were trying to stay in Virginia and had planned on heading to Charlottesville which was just a little over three hours away.   Again we got out our trusty atlas and planned our route West.