Charlottesville held so many things for us.  Friends, a possibility of work and a place to put the camper while we flew home to Chicago for a wedding. 

The drive was amazing.  It was beautiful and simple, two things I love when driving our home across the country.  We made good time and got into the city late afternoon. 

Our friends from Chicago had opened a restaurant called Oakhart Social and when we got in that is the first place we headed.  The head Chef Tristan had worked with Jermiah back in Chicago and I have to say this new restaurant tops any food we had had while traveling.  If ever in the city please stop by and tell them we said hello.  I recommend any cocktail (the have a talented bar staff) and def get the shaved salad and the wings oh and also the pork belly. I could go on but I will let you experience it for your self. 

Our time here was amazing and this city quickly got added to the list of possible contenders for our permanent residence. We set up at the bar manager Alib's house.   20 miles outside of town tucked away he has an amazing 70's style home.  It is our dream house actually. We picked up work at The restaurant and fell in love with the staff.  Two things one looks for, amazing housing options you can afford, and a good community of people.  It's so hard to make friends in a new spot when you get older and I have to say Charlottesville welcomed us with open arms.  

We had nature 20 miles in the opposite direction of town.  We were right at the point where the Shannendoha national park meets the blue ridge parkway. We were able to take the bike up to the Shannendoha NP and although we saw no bears I felt we got to experience nature in its finest way.  We also were able to hike up an amazing trail Stoney Man to a pretty famous view.  

Although we left and came back I still feel our time in Charlottesville went so quickly.  It was hard to pack up and say goodbye.  We loved everyone so much and for the first time felt like we found a place we could call home.  

But there was more to explore and we needed to be in Alabama by the second week of October and September was now well on its way.  

We headed to the Blueridge parkway with North Carolina as our new destination.