American Frolic says goodbye to New England

The days after we left Massachusetts were very hard.  

We got lazy navigating around major cities and let the GPS guide us right into the New Jersey turnpike.  We got around New York without problems but I failed to remember what came next and I feel my copilot wings should be stripped away.  We sat there on the NJ turnpike in stand still traffic, going two miles in two hours.  

We found an escape finally and went to get off.  When going through a toll where six lanes of traffic go down to three a New Jersey US Coach charter bus hit our camper.  It was awful and infuriating.  We had ownership of the lane, we were all the way in with our van and 3/4 of the way in with our camper when the bus sped up and dragged along our camper tearing the back panel from the side panel. 

We got out and tried to handle the situation.  We ended up waiting over 3 hours to have police come all the while on the New Jersey turnpike, stuck crowded around cars on hot pavement with a broken home.  When the cops came we told our part of the story they said this wasn't the first bus that had done this(we had heard this from drivers all afternoon). 

The police made no judgment of who was at fault, they just handed us a piece of Xerox paper that gave a website  Seriously that was the name of the website.  We have never been able to get a police report from the accident and we never were able to file a claim.  

We were shook to the core after the incident and it was now pitch black.  We were to far away from the Harvest Host we had set up to camp at and we had no internet to find a campsite.  We wanted to get off the road and we need a comfortable place to rest.  So we found a hotel and called it a night. 

The next morning we woke a little less frazzled and headed into Pennsylvania.  We couldn't get out of Jersey fast enough.  

We had found a harvest host on the boarded of Pennsylvania and Maryland which was perfect since Maryland was our destination. 

I had picked up some work with an event company outside of Baltimore for three days and we need to get there quickly. 

The drive through the Pennsylvania farmland helped to calm our nerves.  We headed to the Naylor Vineyard in Stewartstown just South of York, PA.  We arrived late afternoon and found a spot by the vines and the popcorn fields to set up.  We were greeted by the staff and Mr. Naylor himself.  They were kind and generous folks and the wine they made was delicious. And man did we need a glass of wine. They said we could stay longer but we thought it best to get a move on.  We did want to have a little fun though and get back to enjoying our journey so we headed to the Harley Factory in York, PA.  They have free tours and free is just up our alley. On the way to the factory we stopped at a Home Depot and Jerimiah repaired the camper.  He was not happy about it, it was an infuriating task but I have to say he did a great job.  After the tour, we headed towards Germantown, MD.  I had found a campsite not far from the event.  We had to be there for three days but we don't like paying for places to camp if we can help it so we decided to stay the first night at a Walmart. Then we would head to the campground for the second night.  

This was a couple first for us.  This was the first time we had picked up work. We had made it two months with no work and we're doing fine but we agreed if any work comes our way we would take it.  And we had also never stayed at a Walmart.  I have to say sleeping at Walmart was the best night sleep we had in a very long time. 

The weekend was spent with me at a kids hockey camp and Jerimiah loitering at coffee shops doing work and organizing our camper and van i.e. our life.  

On the last day of the hockey camp, Jerimiah picked me up in our rig. I got to show off my home to my coworkers and then we headed off to Virginia to stay with our friend Jay outside of Virginia Beach. 

We felt so much better, we were rested, happy and refocused on the journey ahead of us.