Papa Wolf Coastal Cruise, Portsmouth New Hampshire.

We left Boothbay and headed south about 81 miles to Arundle Maine.  Lauren and Travis had told us about this biker campground called Bentlys we could stay at that would be close to Portsmouth where we needed to be for the weekend.
Bentlys may be a biker paradise, but it is by far the nicest campground I have ever seen.  $30 a night gets you all the hookups you need with also the perk of onsite laundry and showers. There is also a few antique shops next door which of course we had to check out.
We only stayed one night, but man the day was packed full. After we had a few beers at the Bentleys bar we ended the night with a campfire and met our campsite neighbors who we found out we're on a bigger adventure then we could ever hope for.  Andre a handsome 60 something South African his Texans girlfriend was riding their motorcycle from Texas to Labrador.  He showed us his travel trailer he built for the bike and we spoke of our shared goals of seeing the country and so much more. You can check out his adventures here
As the fire dwindle we faded away one by one headed to bed.  I was to have my first day driving the camper and I wasn't about to be hungover or tired.
The next day we went through the drill of being at a campsite with full hook ups.  We filled our water jugs, took showers, and dumped our sewer tank.  We had don't use our toilet that much so dumping was still new to us and man o' man this time was something out of a kids cartoon. The water hose got away from jerimiah and had sprayed all over the Frolic while flushing the tank.  We had a good laugh and cleaned up our mess.  We were definitely both awake after that.
I then got some practice in driving the Frolic around the campsite.  I have never been so nervous to drive in my life.  This wasn't just a car this is my home and that for some reason that is a lot of pressure not to mess it up.  Lauren gave me a great pep talk and the boys assured me I would be fine. It was a short distance anyway and the boys would be riding their bikes following the entire time.
We headed out caravan style to Portsmouth, NH about 34 miles south from Arundel. We had organized a motorcycle ride with a local shop called Papa Wolf and Iron and Air for that afternoon and we were excited to see who would show up.  We got into Portsmouth that early on in the day and found a place to park the camper at Papa Wolf.  I had to drive the camper and it went well but parking it wasn't on my list of new experiences so I handed the Frolic over to Jerimiah.  I have to say he always impresses me with stressful situations and parking that camper was just that.  He did great and we set up and got ready for our ride.
One by one bikes started to show up and as I went around meeting everyone I realized not one bike or person was the same.  People had traveled from all over the east coast and all anyone wanted to do was the ride.  Rian from papa wolf lead the pack.  We headed for the coast and smells of saltwater and sunscreen were everywhere.  We zipped around tourist and beaches.  I was unclear what state we were in, everything is close together.  We all were getting hungry so we piled about 15 bikes into one parking spot and grabbed some lunch.  We were in York, Maine I found out, and we were scheduled to be there in a couple days so it was good to get the lay of the land.
We all were having such a good time getting to know one another it was hard to get back on the road, but there was more riding to do.  We traded in the coast for some inland riding and wow what a trade.  We were surrounded by beautiful trees and the smell of evergreen was everywhere.  Rian took us to up about 700 feet to an amazing view point.  We could see everything, and every road we just took.  As I looked around everyone was smiling, it's so cool how nature and exploring makes people so happy and brings complete strangers together.
We had an after party to get back to at papa wolf so we got back on the bikes and headed back to home base. Everyone hung around and chatted and more folks who couldn't make the ride started to show up.  Small room collective has an amazing wine sponsor Union Wine Co so we had more then enough to share with our new friends.
The night seemed to just go one forever.  The boys had migrated from the parking lot to a secrect skate spot in the back of the shop.  As locals showed up and the sun went down everyone skated a few sets and had a few more drinks.  It was the perfect summer night and I felt like a kid watching everyone skate and share stories and generally being stoked on life.
The remaining few were getting hungry and we headed into town to find some grub and continue the night.  Drinks were had and ice cream was found it was a good night.  And like so many nights we have had with friends we don't get to see very often it's hard to say good night.  We wrapped it up and made our way back to the parking lot, we had a pop up shop to set up the next day in Portsmouth and need to get across town before it started.