3S Artspace And Chases Garage.

When woke the next morning we realized it was drizzling and before we got our coffee it was full on raining.  So we left the bike at papa wolf and headed across town to 3s. Small room collective was amazing enough to let us ride their coat tails and get us an invite to the 3s art fair/market.  We got up early to get set up and just as we pulled in the rain stopped.  We had started to sell vintage treasures we have found on the road so it was a great opportunity to open up the frolic and share our story and sell a few things.  Also, we just wanted to spend some more time with our buds.
Let me just say Portsmouth has done right by creating such an amazing space.  3s has a gallery, restaurant  and venue space all in one.  The staff is beyond friendly and helpful so our two days outside at the market were pretty great.  We had already met some amazing new friends and it felt like a little bit of home having everyone stop by and say hello.
The market was full of amazing makers and craftsmen so beyond the general public the show of support from everyone involved was so lovely to see.
We made some plans with our new east coast crew for dinner and bounced around all night laughing and have a few drinks.  It really is the people that make you feel like you could call this place a home and Portsmouth was becoming such a place.  We wrapped up our second day and headed to York, Maine.
Chases garage had invited us all to stay with them and learn some screen printing.  So the carvan left and we drove back up the coast about 10 miles to set up the camper for the night. We had the next day to get some sun at the beach.  The water in Maine is pretty chilly so the boys didn't last long at the beach.  They had better things to do then catch some rays.  They headed back to the garage to work on our design for the screen print.  Now Chases garage if you don't know is any amazing art gallery and work space in an old automotive garage space in York,Maine and if you are ever in the area please stop and see them and tell them we say hello. When we got back from the beach the boys had an amazing design ready for us to print.  

As we got set up for the printing our new east coast friends had come with all the fixins for a Lobster bake. As the night went on we learned to screen and made some amazing prints and we finished the night with the best Lobster dinner I had ever had.

This would be the last night with our new east coast friends and the next day we had to decide what direction we would go.  Until then we were gonna have the best last night we could.