The Catskills Mountains,New York.

We rolled into the Northwest tip of the Catskills in the evening and found our Harvest Host spot at Belleayre ski resort tucked in the mountains.  We found the lodge up some winding roads and set the camper at the top of the hill.  It was very much like the Shinning, an abandoned ski resort tucked in the woods, but the beauty of it made us feel a little more comfortable.  The next morning we woke and talked to the staff and found we had to move from our prime spot by the lodge but could stay in the lower parking lot.  After we got set up we left to explore the mountain towns. 

We made our way east on 28  bouncing from Phoenicia to Woodstock. We talked to the locals and they told us where to find swimming holes and antique shops tucked in the woods. We have no desire for tourist traps and crappy shops so Woodstock was not for us, but I knew there was a town Saugerties not far from Woodstock so why not check it out.  This is where going with your gut has never led us wrong. We found a spot for the van and walked the streets unclear what to look for. Out of frustration, Jerimiah pointed to a local jeweler and said we are going in there.  He had a ring stuck on for about 8 months and he figured this would be just the people to ask how to get it off.  Frank and Co Fine Jewelry is a family owned shop and you feel that when you walk in. Without hesitation Frank said he could get that ring off no charge and would even resize it for 20 bucks. While Frank worked on getting the ring off we told them of our adventures.  We asked like always what we should do and without hesitation they said stay for the car show this weekend.  As Jerimiah does in every town he asked where the old bikes were and were there any in the car show.  And this is where it was meant to be we walked into that shop at that time.  The family told us if you are into old bikes you should talk to Franks father in law Docs. Before we knew it his daughter was on the phone setting up a time for us to go see his shop the next day.  We made our way back across the mountains excited to have a new adventure.  We woke up early and made our way to Doc's Cycle in Saugerties.  He and his wife were kind enough to open his shop even though they were on vacation.  The guys talked about bikes for hours and Doc showed Jerimiah his extensive collection of bikes and probably the most organized parts room I have ever seen.  Doc has lived Saugerties his whole life and insisted on giving directions for some of the best rides around the Mountains.  We thanked them for their time and planned to meet up later at a local watering  hole.  We decided to try one of Doc's rides on our way back to the camper and found a little place to have lunch at the foot of a waterfall tucked in the mountains.

We decided to move the camper to Saugerties and we found a spot from by the water. The next couple of days we explored the Hudson towns meeting up with our new friends. We shared stories and cold beer and really felt like we found a little place that felt like home.  We can't thank them enough for their kindness so if you ever in Saugerties make sure you stop by and tell them Stef and Jerimiah say hello.

We needed to start heading East to meet up with friends so we mapped out our way across the Hudson and found a place in the center of Masschutes we would call home for the night.