Merritville Winery, Forestville New York.

Leaving Bloomington we had to start planning our way out east.  We both agreed we wanted to get as far east as we could and this meant taking the interstate. We took Interstate 70 through Ohio and West Virginia, and 79 north though Pennsylvania. Somewhere off of 79 we pulled off for diesel and noticed the sway bar was not on right.  The entire hitch had pulled up and now it was about to rain and we couldn't get back on the road like that. Jerimiah grabbed the phone and called our friend Jim Parsons. Jim drove truck for years and gave some us some great advice. One that trailer was made in the 70's and back then the speed limit was most likely 55 so when you drive a 1972 trailer at 80 miles an hour it might fishtail.  Two don't let the other drivers get to us.  He made a great point "they aren't paying you to drive".  Finally check our air pressure in the tires, if the psi is low it cause the trailer to wobble. We thanked Jim and he told us to be safe and get back on the road.  When we checked the tires they were 60 psi and needed be 80, that was huge.  The storm was just about ready to open up and we had to find a hardware store so we could find a sledge hammer to straighten the hitch out.  We found a small hardware store just off the interstate and waited out the storm.  We weren't far from New York now so Jerimiah wasted no time in fixing the hitch and getting us back on the road.

We had planned to stay at a Harvest Host spot in Forestville, NY called Merritt Estate Winery. We got in just before they closed and found a spot for the Frolic by the vineyard. Since we were by Lake Erie we wanted to go to the water before sunset and check out the town.  We headed into Dunkirk and  found a townie bar called the Philmore. It was a small dark bar with good music and cold beer.  We stuck around for a pool game with the locals, but we had a bottle of wine back at the camper and it was calling my name.  We had grabbed a bottle of red before Merrillville closed and decided to take a walk  around the vines as the sun went down. It felt good to be out East. It felt like we were finally starting this journey.