Boothbay, Maine.

Meeting up with friends on the road could be the best part of traveling full time.  So when Small Room Collective Travis and Lauren told us they would also be on the east coast we planned to meet.  We were in the Catskills and they were in New Jersey so we found a spot in Salisbury, Massachusetts we could camp together.  Now we don't like to drive more than 4 hours so we found a harvest host spot in Hardwick, Mass called Harwick winery that was a nice halfway point.  We pulled in right before they closed and chatted with the owner and grabbed a bottle of wine for dinner. The next day we got up early and headed east.  We don't like cities and avoid them at any cost so getting around Boston was our main goal. We mapped out a route that was smooth and pretty much free of any traffic on hwy 2 to interstate 495.  We had gotten to Salisbury State Park first and since it was a Friday we new campsites would be filling up. We grabbed two spots close together and headed in to set up. This place was full as could be, it looked like an RV sales lot but it was close to the water and we had our friends next door.  Travis, Lauren and George rolled in shortly after we got set up, we were so excited to see our camper crew friends and to show them the Frolic we had worked so hard on.  We headed into town and did some exploring and started to map out where we wanted to go in Maine.  

Travis and Lauren had invited us to be apart of some events in Portsmouth, NH later in the week so we had some time to kill. Travis had found a Harvest Host spot called Boothbay Brewery in Boothbay, Maine and it was 124 miles away so wheels needed to be rolling early.  

We couldn't have been more excited to explore Maine. We heard it was beautiful and Travis couldn't stop talking about the delicious lobster rolls they had.  We took some scenic roads around the coast and instantly I fell in love. The morning fog was thick and the smell of saltwater filled my nose. I hadn't seen an ocean in 4 years and forgot how different it was from the fresh water of Lake Michigan.  We were getting close to Boothbay and there were Lobster Roll stands littering the road. We couldn't wait any longer so pulled in, campers in tow to Karen's Hideaway. The family owned little shack was legit and the prices weren't bad for the amount of Lobster we got.  Happy and full we headed to Boothbay Brewery to set up camp. 

Boothbay Brewery is family owned and you feel it when you walk in.  They have a great set up with restaurant and brewery but also have cabins and Rv spots for visitors. They were kind enough to let us in unhitch and get the bikes out so we could do some exploring. 

The next few days were spent on the bikes riding the winding roads around the water. We found fresh Oysters from Glidden Point, and old lighthouse at Pemaquid Point and vintage gems at roadside flea markets. We also discovered something that would top our hunt for lobster rolls and that my friends is Pop overs. If you don't know of this fluffy dream like pastry consider yourself lucky for if you have had a taste of this flaky goodness you will always long for another. Or in Jeremiah's case you will make up elaborate lies of seagulls stealing them to get another from the waiter.

Our time in Boothbay was ending and we had more exploring to do with our friends. So we had one more campfire and some Boothbay Black Rock Stout and called it a night.