Niagara Region, New York.

 The way Jerimiah and I plan our journey couldn't be any more different.  I love to make notes, have Pinterest boards and handy travel books.  He finds amazing photos on the internet and says I want to go there. So for New York I let him take the reigns in planning and Niagra would be the frist thing he had on his list.  

It wasn't far from the winery, maybe 60 miles and for us that was nothing. We headed out early and got to Niagra pretty easily with the camper.  We decided to stay on the American side and when we went to park in the RV parking lot we got a lovely surprise, they weren't charging for parking that day. In fact, we walked around all day from fall to fall and didn't have to pay a dime.

We usually avoid tourist spots and lines but we didn't get that here at all. We had a pretty clear day from what they were saying and we could see through the mist straight to the bottom.  The rainbows fell perfectly over the tour boats from the mist of the falls. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. We knew we had a bit of a drive still ahead so we made our way back to the camper and made lunch and sat by the rapids to enjoy one last view.