Finger Lakes, New York.

 The fingerlakes are nestled in the Middle of New York and we had found a Harvest Host spot called Buttonwood Winery where we would spend the night. We would have to drive about 133 miles and had mapped out some two lane roads once we got around Buffalo. We headed east to Hwy 5 which would connect with hwy 20 and beyond being beautiful there were some great places to stop along the way. We had started to meet such amazing people and loved hearing their stories.  One man around 85 told us fondly of his wife who had passed and how one day they left for a Sunday drive which turned into a cross country road trip.  Our journey, our story we were finding would bring out something from perfect strangers. A longing for the open road, a story of past adventure, and with nothing but time on our hands we always saddle up and listen to what they have to say.

Bottonwood is down some winding roads and we rolled in just as they were closing. It was one of the hotest days we had yet so alothough we love red wine we needed something cold. They went through a little tasting with us and in the corner of my eye I saw a slushie machine which I found out it was a blackberry wine slushie. Yes, Please!! We grabbed a bottle for later and one slushie and headed out to explore the property and get set up.

We parked right by some interesting creatures they had on the property,like this hairy Scottish cow named Melody.  The property was beautiful, but it was hot that day and after hunting something that would cool us off we were happy to see a storm rolling in.  They had a huge porch where we could set up shop with our maps, books and a bottle of wine and start planning the rest of the week. The temperature dropped and made for a great nights sleep.  

The next morning we set out just as everyone returned to the vineyard for work. Watkins Glen was next on Jerimiahs list and luckily we were just about 50 miles away.  Having everything so close was something I was really getting used to.