Kancamagus Highway & Mount Washington

New Hampshire's White Mountains were something we were told we could not miss.  So when we heard about the scenic byway the Kancamagus Highway we knew this would be the best way to see them.  We weren't far but had and had found a place to set the Frolic that would put us right at the start of the Kancamagus Highway 112.  We mapped out how to get there and talked about how we could get back across but left it open ended. You never know where the day will take you and we both agree we love that part of the journey.

We set of Jerimiahs 73 Shovelhead on highway 112 and immediately we saw what all the hype was about.  The drive was already so beautiful.  Everyone was making a big deal about getting gas before we set out, "there is no gas for miles" they all said. We thought that meant 60 miles or more so we gassed up and even brought a reserve.  Really it's only 32 miles without gas if you go straight through so it's not that big of a deal. There are tons of places to go swimming a hiking along the way.  We were just out for the scenery that day but saw many enjoying the water and the trails. We did find a little in tucked in the mountains that had one of the best views and served cold beer.  This was a delightful rest stop for us and the innkeeper/bartender was gracious enough to get out a map and helped us figure out how we would make our way back to the Frolic.  Together we decided the best way would be to finish the Kancamagus by taking a back road by a covered bridge to Conway on the East side of New Hampshire then catch 16 North where we would stop by Mount Washington then after that she suggested we take 302 west back to Vermont. 

I knew nothing about Mt.Washington and now after we have done it I am glad I was nieve on what were getting ourselves into. Mt.Washington is 6,000 feet which is an 8-mile stretch into the clouds. We were on a 73 Shovelhead with only one back break.  Luckily I trust Jerimiah with my life and know that he is a great rider so for most of the ride I could enjoy the amazing view. The rush of climbing a Mountian and literally being surrounded by clouds was fueling us both.  We kept laughing and looking at each other in amazement.  The road is narrow and the ride is slow.  The paved part of the road ends at around mile 5 and turns to a narrow dirt road and did I mention its a two laned road? By the time we got to the top we got some strange looks from the other tourist on how we rode that bike up that Mountain.  The clouds brought a great wind and we walked to the top of the viewing deck to see what all the fuss was about. You can't help but smile and run from end to end to see from every angle. We watched the trains chug their way up the mountain and that reminded us we had to make our way back down.  We headed back to the bike, took a few photos to prove we were there and slowly made our way back down.  Now I mentioned the shovelhead has one back break which means frist gear and Jerimiah's dirtbikes skills were used.  It was a slow and nerve-racking way down.  I beg you all if you ever do this please don't be the jerk who passes on the road down.  Know that you will go slow and if you are backed up with traffic just pull off and wait a beat and let traffic get a head start.  We made our way down and realized the day was getting away from us and we still needed to get back across the state.  

The road back was again so breath taking. New Hampshire is just beautiful.  Dusk was coming on quick and we were getting tired. We made it back just as night came on and we peeled ourselves off the bike so grateful to see the Frolic and even more grateful for such an amazing day.