We left Bloomington well rested, clean and a little safer with the sway control and headed East.
Finding harvest host is always our first option but if we can't find one we need to be frugal with paying to camp.  While in Bloomington we bought this amazing book (Amazon plug)and we decided to put it to use. We found a campsite for about $16 in zanesville Ohio called Blue Rock State Park.  I had a girlfriend who grew up in the area and text her to see what she thought of it and amazing enough she had never been to this park that. Was literally 15-20 miles from where she grew up.  She decided to meet us there since she was in Columbus.
We set out and decided to try our hand at interstate driving.  Now if you haven't been with us long you might question why we don't use interstates  and I will explain.  We want to see America and not pass it by.  We like seeing small towns and supporting small business. That is what the American road trip is about and back in the day they made certain roads run through the town to do just that support the town.  We also just started out driving a camper and it is easier to remain in control on a two lane road going 55 mph.
This time we decided to take the Interstate to try our the sway hitch and see if we could control the fish tailing and we had no desire to see anymore of the Midwest we wanted to get out east.
Let's just say we got a few more grey hairs driving from Bloomington to Columbus.  Our camper door would not remain shut.  We have a padlock on the door so it could never fully fly open while driving but I didn't not take my eye off of it once.  Then the fish tailing. The sway bar we have is like a steering dampener.  It has to be adjusted till you find the right control and we could not find that sweet spot.  We pulled over in a McDonald's parking lot to find the entire hitch a had pulled up.  We were so frustrated and had to come up with a game plan . I would go use McDonald's free wifi to find a rv repair shop, we just wanted to buy a new door and be done with it, that's what credit cards are for right?
Jerimiah took to banging out his frustration flatting the hitch back down.  Jerimiah's blind determination came to the rescue that day.  He wasn't going anywhere till he got that door figured out.  He filed the stricker and fixed the hing and finally we had a door that was going to stay shut.
We got back on the road and headed to Zanesville.
Blue Rock State park is nestled in the woods off of hwy 60.  We trekked down the smallest two lane roads and around some amazing little farms and came into the park to find a spot for our Frolic.  Here is where we would find another new issue for us finding cell service.  We suspending service on our iPhones ans only use the for wifi and bought ourselves a trac phone.  So planning ahead is a new daily task and makes it difficult to get ahold of friends meeting you.  We unloaded jerimiah Harley and drove into the nearest town to try and call our friend who was meeting us.
we had no luck on reaching her so I was hoping she would just figure out how to find us.  We explored to beautiful Ohio small towns for a little bit and then head back to camp and who did we find on those small little roads my pal Cassie.
We had not seen each other in years and I was beyond excited to have her around for one night.  Like no time had pass we set up our night like we always ha back in Chicago.  She got the wine out I got the cheese ans crackers and we started to catch up.
We gossiped ans jerimiah made a fire.  Then while I cooked Cassie showed jerimiah a thing or two about his new camera.  We ended the night like many in the past having some Manhattans with the amazing whiskey we were gifted and then finally we relunclty sent ourselves to sleep. I didn't want the night to end but we all had to get early starts the next day.  I woke up with a headache and a smile and we said goodbye to Cassie and packed up the Frolic.  We figured to keep trucking it out east and made New York State our next goal.