Bridgewater, NH

We weren't far from Laconia about 90 miles or so. There were no Harvest Host close so we had found a campground through our Passport American membership for $20 called New Found Campground. Since we were so close I volunteered to drive the Frolic and give Jerimiah one more day on the bike.  I needed the practice and to get my confidence up.  We mapped out some two-laned roads and headed North.  Laconia had meaning to us and we had decided to go even before we left.  Jerimiah's Uncle Jimmy and the previous owner of his bike was buried somewhere outside of the town and we wanted  to find the grave and pay our respects.

The drive was beautiful and I was happy the drive was uneventful. We got into the campground late afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by how nice the campground was. For 20 bucks, we got full hookups, wi-fi and clean showers and bathrooms.  The camping spots were pull through so no backing up for this girl.  We were so impressed instantly we decided to stay one more night.  The owner of the campground had given us the low down of the area and in that 411 he mentioned a swimming hole down the road.  It was a hot and humid July day so swimming hole sounded just the type of exploring we wanted to do.  We suited up and took the bike into the woods in search of a place called sculptured rock.  Every time we get into a town a series of questioned must be asked. Where is the dirty dive bar, grocery store,  antique shop and for the love of god a swimming hole?  Every answer for the later is a series of complicated directions. Go down the road a bit and take your third left by a small hill park at the light post and walk 3 miles into the woods and there you will find a cool swimming hole. 

This was just that but totally worth it.  Sculptured Rock is great swimming hole formed during  the ice age and these glaciers did their job.  A small walk on a wooded path and you hear splashes and laughter and you know you're in the right place.  We joined the locals and got the low down on where to jump in.  A shallow walk gets you into the deepest part of the swimming hole about 16 feet and if you can swim past that you reach a tiny waterfall. We took turns jumping into the water and finally the hot and humid day cooled off.  

We wanted to make the most of the daylight so we headed back to the campsite.  We got changed and headed around the lake a quick putt around New Found lake and watch the sun go down.