Four Corners

Leaving New Found Campground wasn't easy but we knew we had more exploring to do. We had found a Harvest Host spot in Newbury, Vermont and that was just about 60 miles away. I again volunteered to drive and let Jerimiah get one more day on the bike.  The drive was breathtaking and I was enjoying it till we got closer to Vermont.  The camper was fishtailing a bunch, it was super hot and couldn't get my hair out of my face. I was having a horrible time in paradise.  Jerimiah was leading for the most part and doing a great job.  I had some GPS problems so when it was my turn to lead I got us on the right road going the wrong way.  I pulled over and we chatted about what to do and where to turn around and then we took off.  He faded into the hills and I suddenly stopped something was wrong.  The trailer had somehow come unhitched and was scraping on the hwy and then the ditch.  I knew I was screwed.  I was half off the road and half in it and all alone. I waved traffic around and tried to figure out what to do.  We don't have working iphones and share one burner phone so getting ahold of him wasn't an option.  I would have to wait for him to come back to me. While I waited an older gentleman had stopped to help me.  Together we worked on a game plan on getting me out of that ditch and propped up enough to get the camper back on the hitch. He got out his jacks and we dug out some dirt so we could get under the camper.  Jerimiah had come back and it took everything in me not to cry out of embarrassment.  Of course, this happened when I drove.  I got so mad at myself, but he hugged me and assured me it was ok and we would get out. We all worked together and got the camper back on the van in a matter of minutes.  We thanked our good samaritan and offered something for his help. He kindly declined our offer and just wished us luck on our journey.

I was shaken but I had to continue to drive so I shook it off and got back in the van. We found a spot for us to turn around down the road and found Four Corners farm. I was so excited to be there and get the camper parked.  We pulled in and met the owners and were amazed at all they had here.  They had our new favorite animal a Scottish Cow, horses,  and best of all a huge market full of veggies and fruit.  They let us park next to a huge strawberry patch and even told us we could help ourselves. 

We found a level spot for the Frolic and got settled.  We had asked if we could stay for a couples nights and unhitch the camper. We explained we wanted to drive the Kanagmangus Highway the next day the farmer said he didn't mind at all gave us some tips on how to get there.

We unhitched and got out the bike and rode over to the market to get some veggies. I was in absolute heaven. There were so many veggies, fruits and flowers it was hard not to go overboard.  We have limited space and because we move so much we have to make sure everything we buy has a purpose and we will use it in a matter of days. 

I quickly made a menu in my head and shopped around that.  They explained to us about their farm and all they had and that they were organic but couldn't label themselves as that. I ended up spending $12 and was able to use that for 4-5  meals.

We weren't on the bike long and it started to rain so we go in the van and did some exploring in Vermont.  We welcomed the cool night and enjoyed the eerie fog that fell over the mountains.  We went to sleep under a full moon that night excited for the next day and the ride through the white mountains.