Jaffery, New Hampshire

When we woke in Portland, Maine we had no idea where we were going but in a matter of hours and some text with friend Jason we had a destination, Jaffery, NH.  We headed inland into New Hampshire about 92 miles.  It was a gorgeous and pretty easy drive.  The town of Jaffrey is small and in the middle of mountains and we both felt very at home. Jason has two driveways and let us park the camper and van in front of his little house and gave us an open invitation to stay as long as we wanted. 

The next couple days we really felt like we found a place that could be home.  With Jason as our guide, we explored New Hampshire. We had gotten out the bike, but the weather had us on our toes.  One minute it would be sunny the next we would be trapped in a tiny thunderstorm.  It didn't stop us.  We drove through the mountains, hunted for rumored motorcycles and found small antique shops in the woods.

Feeling at home in nature is always nice but being around people who welcome you into their home and family really makes us feel this could be our home too.  Jason had a very important birthday party for a cute little five-year-old and we got personally invited.  The special 5-year old was his niece  Maggie and I have to say this party was great. While we shared good food and stories with his family.  Later in the afternoon we got a visit from a member of Jermiah's Calfornia family.    Nan who had been a like another mama to Jerimiah growing up was 20 miles away visiting her father and had decided to drive out for a visit.  We sat around our home sharing what we had built with Nan and her father.  We didn't  have much time, but it was spent well.  The love she has for Jerimiah and he for her has not faded with time.  Family no matter the form is the love you have for someone it was so comforting to be a part of that. Many hugs later we said goodbye and joined the party again. As the night got on we built a fire and played games till we were all ready for bed.  

We needed to be heading to Laconia so after the weekend we reluctantly had to say our goodbyes.  Jason and his family wished us luck and gave an open invite to return anytime.

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