Leaving Chases Garage in Maine took a minute. Not only did we have a good time and not want to leave but we had no idea where we were going.  Something that we were getting used to.  We knew some Chicago transplants who had moved to Portland, Maine and had offered us and the Frolic a place to say. Portland was about an hour and half fromYork so the drive was easy.  By this time in our trip we were Maine locals. We got into South Portland early afternoon and found our friends Kate and Jason had rented the cutest  house and there was a spot for the Frolic. 

The next couple of days we got the full tour of Portland.  What an amazing city, South Portland has a very blue-collar industrial feel which we always love and feel at home at.We also got to experience the wonderful beaches and the awesome food Portland has to offer. Jason works at a very cool oyster bar in Portland where we got some of the freshest oysters and most delicious cocktails we have had on our trip so far. Being that Kate and Jason had just moved there 2 weeks before we showed up we all got to explore the city together. It was fun going to downtown Portland and taking in all the little vintage shops, resale stores and just old architecture. Kate and Jason also had another longtime friend staying with them, Bik. We didn't get to spend as much time with Bik as we wanted because he was on the grind with work stuff but every night when we got back to the house we shared some gin and tonics and he had very important insight on how we should start our sponsor me letters we wanted to send out and he actually spent a great deal of time helping us out. We can't thank you enough Bik, Kate and Jason for taking such good care of us and showing us a great time.