Finally after many hugs and a trip back to the house to grab a hand made pie that was forgotten. We left my folks in Iowa and headed east.  We had decided to stop off in Bloomington, Indiana to see our friends Dave and Emily Herr.  They are an amazing young couple we have been friends with for years and their son Otto "the stuntman" was having his fifth birthday soon and we rarely missed the celebration.
We took two-lane highways mostly to avoid any major cities and it took awhile.  It was absolutely beautiful, though.  Storms were rolling over the fields making the summer days just pop with crazy colors.
We knew we weren't gonna make it all the way in one day so we found a little campground in Topeka, IL. Evening star campground is where we stayed and it was alright.  It wasn't much just about $16 with our passport America membership, but we don't really like RV parks.  It was 9 pm and not one person was out they were all in their RV's watching tv so we felt like we had the place to ourselves.  We settled in and made a fire with some wet wood and enjoyed a few Metropolitan beers we were gifted.  The next morning we woke up early and headed to Bloomington. We called Emily to tell her we were on our way and heard Otto had already been asking when we were getting there so we didn't want to dilly-dally.
We knew Dave was also on his way home from a bike show in California, Born Free, where he had shown his latest build in the Show class mag people's champ contest and we were schedule to just beat him home.
We rolled into Bloomington late that afternoon and Emily and Otto directed us where we could park our home on wheels, which is always an interesting.  "Can we park our home on your front lawn?" Has become a funny but familiar thing we say now.

Otto wasted no time directing us to all the Lego builds we were to work on and asking for Jerimiahs alter ego to come out "Uncle Ted". We once again were among family and Emily always makes sure we feel like we are at home.  They also had an adorable new addition to their clan that we hadn't met, baby Cecilia showed us her dance moves right away and made sure we had some babies to play with. We had beat Dave home but he wasn't far behind us, so we made dinner and awaited his arrival. We all fell asleep one by one waiting for senior Herr so when we all woke up the next day we found him drinking coffee ready to share with us stories of his trip.

Then next days were filled eating amazing food, drinking some beers and just plain AWESOMENESS according to one Otto. Emily is one of the best mamas I know and she takes care of her friends as they were her family and we are forever grateful.

We also had some celebrating to do. We stayed for the 4th of July and fireworks but also Otto's 5th birthday. In between fireworks and Otto's dirt bike demos, we were able to fix a major problem we were having which was fish tailing.

Our friend Eric from Indianapolis has been a huge help to us on our journey of camper living. His family has an RV camper store and he has answered any insane question we have ever had about campers. We called him up to see if we could come to his pops store and get a swaybar and without skipping a beat he offered to bring one down for us. We talked to his pops and he told us what we needed. A couple days later Jerimiah was in the Herr's driveway with Dave and Eric figure out how to install it.  We really can't thank Eric enough for his help so please if you are ever in the Indianapolis and part of the RV family support Modern Trailer Sales in Anderson, IN. 

We had to wrap up our stay in Bloomington after the 4th and start heading East.  So we started planning the next couple days and the Harvest Host in our future.  We said our goodbyes and gave many thanks for opening their home.