"Is this Heaven?!" "No-it's Iowa!"

Heading to my parents house always makes me so happy.  I come from a very small town in central Iowa.  My mother had asked us to come home a little earlier than we had expected so I could help her at our town festival. When we left Estherville we realized it wouldn't take as long as we thought to drive there so right before we got home we made a stop at the Ledges State Park Boone, Iowa.  I hadn't been there since I was a kid and remembered it being lush with trees and trails for hiking.  I had never camped there though and this would be our first real campsite with the frolic.  We pulled in later in the afternoon found a nice spot with electric hookup.  It was  $16 and you could just stick the money in an envelope at the entrance. It's a great campsite in my opinion. The campsites are spread out where you are not on top of one another.  You have the option for electric hook up and there is an  RV dumping station if needed. We unhooked the camper and got the bike out and rode through the back roads of Boone.  We also headed into town to find some antique shops and a townie bar.  The next morning we made some breakfast and explored the park. It is quite beautiful and although I couldn't remember where all the trails were we had a great time.

Then we headed to State Center, my hometown.  Every year in June my town has a festival called Rose festival, we are the rose capital of Iowa so it's a big production.  The carnival was already getting set up when we rolled into town. We got the camper set up on my parents property and came into my parents house to see my mom making about 6 pies for the town festival. We sat around and visited and word got out that we were home and one by one our family and friends came by to say hi.  I never get to spend more than a couple days with my folks so I was excited we were gonna be there for a week.  Our time was filled with amazing food, tons of stories and hard work on the Frolic.

While I helped my parents go through their house Jerimiah got some serious work done on the Frolic. With help from some of our family and friends, he was able to pull the old camper fridge out and install an electric one we found at Walmart. The old fridge was supposed to run on electric or propane, but we couldn't figure out how to fix it so we just replaced it.  He also tore out the old propane heater and capped off the lines and now we use that area for storage. 

We also enjoyed the town festival and all it had to offer.  I helped my mom with her face painting booth, which was packed all day with every kid in the town waiting for her to adorn them with glitter and whiskers.  While I was manning the booth Jerimiah entered his motorcycle in the car and bike show and walked away with a mini shop vac.  

Iowa is filled with tons of small towns, and it feels like everyone knows everyone.  Jermiah is very much at home with the friendliness of small town living and proved that one day at Walmart. While I was checking out at the register  he wandered off.  He had seen a long haired man with a Staff Easyrider shirt on and of course they made fast friends. His name was Clean Dean in he lived in a small town, Green Mountain north of my parents. He extended an invite and of course we took him up on it.  We made our way out to his shop/home in an old bank in the center of town. We visited with him for a couple of hours, listening to all his amazing stories and adventures. Jermiahs eyes light up when Dean got out some of his archive and old photos from the 70's. Dean if you ever read this we thank you for taking the time to hang with two young twerps.  After a tour of his set up and just one more story about the bikes, he had in the shop and said our goodbyes and made our way back to my folks. 

My parents were kind enough to host an amazing BBQ before we set out. It seemed as though the whole town stopped by to see our home and say farewell. We also had promised my Grandma Pearl we would make it to our family reunion.

 The support from our family and friends, before we left, had us on the right foot.  We planned out our route and headed east early the next day.