Tile back splash

Remodeling the camper has been so much fun and there are so many ideas we have made  into reality but I have to say this tile back splash is one of my favorite parts hands down.

I had seen the hand made tiles in a local Chicago store Asrai Gardens and new the artist Jared Metzner well.  I had taken Jerimiah to the store and asked if I could have if I found a cool way to display it in the camper.  I must have talked about this idea a lot because one of my coworkers bought be the complete set of tiles from Jared himself and told me to have fun figuring out what to do with them.  

Now I may be crafty but I don't have a ton of experience building anything so I needed to find a way I could dummy proof a back splash.  I went to my go to source to learn how to do something pintrest and saw that everyone was talking about Simple Mat a tile setting adhesive mat.  The camper has flexible walls so whatever we put on them would have to be able to move a little bit otherwise it would crack.  The simple mat looked like a way better option than grout and way easier for me.  I also bought some handmade color tile from La Fuente Imports which would tie in the red stove and the Mexican blanket fabric we had gotten for the dinette cushions.   This tile although beautiful was very uneven.  I didn't so much mind that they were uneven but it created a problem when I went to place them on the wall but because I used sanded ceramic caulk instead of grout it was no problem at all. 

I have to say  I recommend all of these products and the tile company to anyone with a tile project.   Here are some step by step photos of the project.  And if anyone has any questions feel free some comment or email us would love to pass on any help.