Midas Frolic Owner's Manual

When we purchased the Frolic we were very eager yet clueless on how to be camper owners,  luckily she came with an owner's manual.  I am a bit of a nerd and like to know what I am getting myself into and Jerimiah is a person who researches everything so this little gem has come in handy.   We were hoping the American Frolic blog could be a resource to other like-minded folks who have found themselves on the same path so we when got an email from one of our followers asking to share the manual I knew this is where we could help. 

The manual like our Frolic is very dated and the information might be a bit general and not for your model, but I hope it can help anyone who wasn't lucky enough to get a manual.

I have uploaded the manual here and made a google doc so please feel free to print it off and share with anyone who has a Frolic.