Wet Wood...

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late... We have both just been so busy sitting down to the computer has really been the last thing on both our minds. With 47 days left before we become full-time campers tensions are high in all the best, and, unfortunately, the worst ways.. But hell, we can get to that later. As for now let's talk about our next step of construction once we got all that crappy old ceiling and insulation out! We had come to find that just like in most vintage campers we had some leaks in the corners of the framing. I really had no idea where to begin, but it was really a lot easier than I thought.... Thanks to Sean that is.

Yucky gross corners filled with soggy wood and mold.We were just finding out what kind of work we were getting ourselves into at this point. It would only be about a 1 day job but i must say that it was really one of the jobs i thought to be most valuable.


So the first step was to see exactly where the bad wood started and if there was any good wood to be saved. Lucky enough for us there was only small spots of damaged wood so we were able just cut out the wet wood and tag in new 2x2's.

With the new wood in place I was able to spray in some insulation so we didn't have to try and fit the fiberglass stuff in the hard to reach places.

With the "bones" of our new home all fixed and back in place we are ready to lay in the new and improved insulation! Stay tuned and i'll show you exactly how we did it.