For most of the fall our friends wondered where we were and the answer is The Frolic.

It became very clear early in the idea of getting a vintage camper that we wanted this to be our home.  We needed it to be warm and dry and make it a place we wanted to come home to. 

First things first assess what we just bought. There was a little water damage by the door and the insulation was as old as the camper.  Although the red velvet cushions and striped curtains were amazing we are not sure they would have made it through a wash. 

So to start 

  • tear down the walls and replace the insulation 
  • add more electrical outlets, switches and lighting
  • caulk the gaps and coat the roof
  • replace the window screens
  • replace the celiling and walls after the insulation
  • find a new flooring option 
  • reframe out the bed making it bigger and add some storage
  • sand and paint the cupboards 
  • recover the cushions and fix the table for the dinette

This was a great start and something to keep us busy for sure.