How it all started.

We had both decided we wanted to leave Chicago and talked about moving to Colorado. That then snowballed into the idea of traveling in a vintage camper and trying to find where we wanted our new home to be. We searched Craigslist like maniacs, then one day we took a trip to rural Indiana where we found The Frolic. They were asking $1600 for her, but it needed a few things here and there so Jerimiah talked them down to $1400. We had already installed brake lights and a ball hitch before we left the city, so we just hitched her up and brought her to Jerimiahs motorcycle shop that day.

The Midas Frolic was made in 1972 and is 14ft long with a single axle camper trailer. It came with a fridge, stove, toilet, couch/bed and dinette. The inside is beautiful wood paneling and red velvet covered cushions. There was a little water damage but other than that, it looked great. We checked the electrical to make sure it worked, but would have to wait to see if the propane and water worked later.

Luckily, we have a place close to home to store and work on The Frolic.  Over the winter, we will be updating the site and sharing the repairs we make. We encourage people to write in with any questions or comments. We know we really love reading about other people's camper build outs and hope you all enjoy our story, too.